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Bodybuilder Faces

November 4, 2015

Brush & ink, no pencils.
WL01 WL02 WL03

Cave Cat

November 1, 2015


Here is a commission I did recently. If you’d like to see some photos of the creation process, go over to my alternate website here.

Dreams of Ordinary Bens

October 13, 2015



Here are a few old dream comics! My dreams used to have a lot of surreal processions and festivals in them. Now my actual life has them because people in this town will do anything for a chance to say to hell with traffic let’s shuffle down the street – and I don’t ever dream at all.

Fine Young Liberals

October 12, 2015

I had a muck around with brush and ink last night. It was so fun I couldn’t wait to come in and do a few more before work. These were not penciled first, so are grotesque and inaccurate versions of members of the Young Liberals party.


New Commission

September 13, 2015


ACprod001ACprod003 ACprod002
Here is a commission I did recently. My friend wanted me to draw the area where he lived in Aukland as a present to his wife, so he sent me heaps of reference photos and google street views to work from.

The first sketch didn’t take much time and it had a lot of personality which I didn’t want to lose, so what I did was measure the dimensions and positions and transfer them to the A4 sheet using advanced mathematics techniques.

I was really happy with the drawing in the end, mainly because it should be hard to give life to apartment blocks, factories and traffic, but the screwy perspective and funny proportions do the trick!

Love is Like Some Farts

September 4, 2015

Some Farts

It’s a little bogan slogan, but whatever, Trevor.

Pre-order Iron Bard!

August 30, 2015

Iron Bard Ballisto
It’s time to pre-order this bad boy. 36 pages of non stop action and rhymes! It’s a small print run too, so get in quick. Click the picture!


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